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  Enterprise Risk Management ::.


There is no doubt that such occurances - financial crisis, catastrophic events or other losses that may affect both tangible and intangible assets- create their own business environment which needs to be effectively controlled with the guidance of different risk management tools and practices. Increasing regulations like the new Commercial Code also make it essential for companies to have a solid risk management and control system to ensure viability and sustainable growth.


Artı Group, with diverse business operations in different regions has already been cognizant of the fact that it has to monitor and make provisions for various risks including interest, currency, counterparty, commodity and new investment risks, in light of recent developments.


Our Corporate Responsibility Approach

Since its inception, Artı Group has based all its business practices on corporate citizenship and has adopted the mission of contributing to the community through corporate responsibility projects it has undertaken in parallel with the various businesses it engages in. Through this approach, the Group not only contributes to the economy but also supports social development and environmental sustainability. The common feature of all the projects undertaken by the group is that they are sustainable and they support each other.




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